THE FARM’s Damien Horne Continues ‘Random Acts of Gratefulness’

SLN Staff Writer • January 30, 2013 - 8:11 pm

Met Joan today and was able to pay it forward and help her cover some of the costs of her Husband’s battle with cancer… definitely a “Be Grateful” moment.
(Photos via Facebook)

On Tuesday, Damien Horne of THE FARM took part in what the trio calls “Random Acts of Gratefulness.” The marathon of good deeds is in support of the band’s latest single, “Be Grateful.” While he was out yesterday, Damien paid utility bills for a blind, retired radio personality, donated groceries to a food shelter and bought groceries for a mom of five children.

Today, Damien continued his good deeds with 104.1 WTQR of Greensboro, N.C. and posted several pictures to the band’s official Facebook. After paying for breakfast for everyone at Bojangles’, he went on to buy more groceries, pay hospital bills and help with childcare bills. Check out some of the pictures from his busy day below:

Just bought breakfast for everyone at Bojangles’ in Greensboro, North Carolina with 104.1 WTQR and Tige and Daniel … committing random acts of GRATEFULNESS all morning

Picking up the check this morning at Carolina’s Diner in Greensboro, North Carolina with Tige and Daniel and 104.1 WTQR … stay tuned for our next stop! OPERATION BE GRATEFUL !!!! Pay it forward!

I’ve been in the grocery store more in the past 2 days than I have been my whole life! Operation BE GRATEFUL continues with 104.1 WTQR and Tige and Daniel in Greensboro, North Carolina !

It’s a great day to buy Starbucks for a friend or stranger! Pay it forward & BE GRATEFUL! with 104.1 WTQR and Tige and Daniel in Greensboro, North Carolina !

Just delivered 803lbs of food to Second Harvest!! A pound feeds a person… Do the math :-) BE GRATEFUL!

Meet Hope! She is just one of the many animals we were able to help today with WTQR at the Humane Society in NC … how fitting is her name?! :-). BE GRATEFUL!

I used to be a bus driver for Oak Ridge Weekday School … in fact, it’s where I got my nickname, Mista D, from one of the kids that rode the bus … today I was able to return there … met the Director Miss Nora … and we were able to pay some families’ childcare bills! Perfect way to end our BE GRATEFUL day in my home state of North Carolina!

…. AND … while I was there … I stole a baby! Just kidding 😉

It sounds like Damien has had a great couple of days and we’re sure he made many people very, very happy. Check out Day 1 of his “Acts Of Gratefulness,” and check out his bandmate Nick Hoffman’s day from November HERE.

To purchase a copy of THE FARM’s debut album, which includes their latest single “Be Grateful,” click HERE.