Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren Enjoy First Date After Baby

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When parents have young children, finding time for a date night can be a bit tough. Luckily, Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren, who have two children under two, were able to put their parental duties to the side for one night and celebrate their marriage with a romantic date night in New York City.

The couple’s evening was complete with a private screening of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, margaritas and a movie staple – popcorn! Lauren was over the moon to spend the evening with her busy hubby, who’d planned the special date tailored to her favorite things.

“A little late night NYC kiss after our personal Harry Potter theater viewing date topped with milk & cookies, popcorn, spicy margs & my favorite thing: my husband all to myself💛💛💛💛💛 tonight was so dreamy😍 Thomas Rhett you’re so sweet, thank you honey!! **might be a little too sappy but I don’t care**,” she wrote on Instagram.

Date night=margaritas and Harry Potter

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Though the night was all about time together as a couple, the young family has been making the most of their time as a family in the Big Apple, including stopping by a fire department on the anniversary of September 11 with their eldest daughter, Willa. Rhett also appeared on Good Morning America in support of his latest release, Life Changes.

The Akins family adventure in NYC may soon be over, but the singer (and possibly his family) will remain on the go as he has upcoming tour dates in Michigan and Pennsylvania before heading out to the west coast.

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