Thomas Rhett Teaches Daughter Ada Her New Favorite Phrase

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As a relatively new dad, Thomas Rhett is learning the ropes about how to raise his daughters and figuring out that certain words creep heavily into the vocabulary of his little ones.

His youngest child, Ada James, keeps adding phrases to her brain as she begins to talk and become vocal. Just like many kids do at a young age, she started to cling on to things her parents may drop into conversations, including the now popular ‘Uh-oh’ catchphrase that she tries to say over and over according to a social media video that Rhett posted.

Uh oh is becoming a pretty common word in this house 😂

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“Uh oh is becoming a pretty common word in this house 😂,” he joked next to the video.

At nearly 10 months old, Ada James has experienced quite the life as her dad takes the family on tour with him as much as they all can. Not only is she getting accustomed to the world as a whole, but she also knows a thing or two about life as a roadie with her big sister, Willa Gray.

Rhett is currently out on the road for the summer to open up for Kenny Chesney on the massive Trip Around the Sun Tour until he goes back out for his Life Changes Tour. Fans can find information about dates and tickets on his official website.

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