Thomas Rhett Appreciates the Family Atmosphere on Kenny Chesney’s Tours

Now that Thomas Rhett has adjusted himself to fatherhood at home, he can’t wait to take his family on the road with him throughout the year. To make for an even smoother transition, Kenny Chesney always opens up his backstage area to all loved ones involved and plans to extend the same invitation to Rhett.

Not only is Chesney used to being a host for his own friends and family, the singer turns each venue into a chill zone for everyone with food and drinks available to all visitors. Making sure to be the host with the most, Rhett can’t wait to hang out before each show with his favorite girls and the rest of the tour crew.

“He sets up this like gigantic space next to his bus where he has a tiki bar and food trucks and music playin’. And literally like before the show and after the show, I could’ve walked up to Kenny and said, ‘Hey dude I have 30 family members here. Is that cool?’ He’d be like, ‘Yeah! Come on,’” Rhett explained.

The summer will be an even more exciting experience for Rhett and his team as he gets to witness one of his country music heroes perform nightly as an added bonus to signing on for Chesney’s tour.

“He kind of treats everybody like you’re their family and I think that’s what creates such a unique and fun atmosphere with Kenny backstage and that’s why so many people want to tour with him, just from the camaraderie that you get from that tour and then you also get to watch somebody play two hours of nothing but the most gigantic songs in the history of country music,” the singer spilled.

Rhett will open up for Chesney on the Trip Around the Sun Tour this summer. More dates and information are listed on Rhett’s website.