Thomas Rhett Shares Details From His Phone, Performs ‘Unforgettable’ on ‘Tonight Show’

Thomas Rhett may not keep many secrets from his fans nowadays, but now he’s letting them go behind the four-digit code to access his confidential iPhone information in a quick-fire round of ‘Internet Pop Quiz.’

The country singer stopped by the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new record, Life Changes, when they snagged a couple minutes with Rhett to play the revealing game. It looked as though Rhett didn’t feel any nerves while whipping out his phone for the challenge and gave his honest answers with no hesitation.

Admitting that he’s a fan of the Rap Caviar playlist on Spotify when he hits the gym and Game of Thrones is his and his wife’s go-to binge show, Rhett also gave fans a peek into his contact book as he told the video crew about the weirdest celebrity number in his digital book.

“The most unexpected celebrity? Um, I don’t know. Ashton Kutcher is kinda random. He’s in my phone,” Rhett laughed.

He even announced with no regret that his biggest online food order involved a whole lot of a Mexican fast food classic.

“The largest food order I’ve ever made online…I don’t know…probably spending $300 at Taco Bell. I feel like that’s a bit absurd to spend at Taco Bell considering everything is like less than $5.”

Even more facts rambled out of the “Craving You” singer’s mouth as he called himself a former addict of the Maze Runner game and that he enjoys snooping on the life of Kit Harrington a.k.a. Jon Snow via Instagram whenever he gets a free minute.

Rhett then took the New York audience by storm with a performance of his new single, “Unforgettable,” which tells the story of a love at first sight meeting.

Life Changes hits shelves this Friday, September 8.