Thomas Rhett and Lauren ‘Float Around’ on Picking Baby Name

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins may be proud parents to their adopted daughter, Willa Gray, but they’re still playing the name game when it comes to their upcoming arrival.

Although the couple knows they’re bringing another little girl into their lives, they can’t quite settle down on just another name. Going through the everyday issue of deciding what to call their precious newborn, Rhett did admit to leaning toward a more family name to carry on through the traditions.

“We float around so much. Now that we know we’re having a girl, at least that helps a little bit. But we really would love to keep some form of a family name in there. But all the family names would be like guy names, so maybe we can try to make it sound more girly when we name her that. But we don’t know yet. But I think it’s gonna come to us,” Rhett said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media at a previous No. 1 party.

Thankfully, they’ve got a bit of time before honing in on the right idea as Akins still has a couple more months to go in the pregnancy. In the meantime, they’ve been focusing on Willa and everything she’s been learning in her first couple weeks at home in America. To their amazement, she’s picked up on a few habits in her Tennessee home from getting to know her furry friends to getting strapped in a car seat for the first time.

“As bad as it is, they don’t do the whole car-seat thing in Uganda,” Rhett said recently. “So when they first buckled Willa in to take her home, ‘She’s like, ‘Why are these straps over my shoulders? Why am I being locked into this weird contraption?’”

Rhett currently has his duet with Maren Morris, “Craving You,” climbing up the country radio charts now.

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