Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris Take Fans Behind the Scenes of ‘Craving You’

Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris honed in on their acting skills to shoot the cinematic production for their hit, “Craving You,” but it wasn’t all fun and games as seen in the behind-the-scenes clip.

In the dramatic video for the single, Rhett works as an undercover cop aiding the evil force of Morris’ burglary lifestyle. Robbing banks and beating up felons, the duo takes the city by storm with all of their damaging schemes and burns some bridges along the way. But Rhett stands up for justice in the end when he takes Morris away for the crimes she’s committed in order to keep his family at home safe and letting the city breathe a sigh of relief yet again.

While the two musicians aren’t typically known for roleplaying within their videos, Rhett praised his pal for putting on the best show ever as the lethal lawbreaker.

“I’ve never worked with Maren before. Just a very, very sweet person. Great voice, great personality. And she plays a bad guy so well. I thought she did such a killer job. Both of us have never acted before, but she looked like she’d done it a million times. So it was an honor to be able to work with such a great talent,” Rhett said, honoring his musical co-star.

Another special co-star of Rhett’s made her grand appearance as a role she knows well: Rhett’s wife, Lauren Akins, stepped in to provide the “Star of the Show” singer with some love in a few scenes. Highlighting both their passionate relationship as well as her showing baby bump, the couple shared a few intimate scenes to really draw in on what Rhett’s character was fighting hard for.

“He’s kinda coming home to decompress a little bit and I’m the supporting wife. It was kinda my, ‘Here’s the baby bump.’ She’s finally here and showing. I’m excited to see it! I think it’ll be cute. I hope it’s cute,” Akins gushed over the scenes.

Rhett even used his boxing skills he’s learned while working out on the road in a fight scenario, which Rhett admitted he’s been wanting to try all of his life. Choreographing the perfect battle, Rhett punched like a pro and drove away the hero in his vintage sports car.

“Craving You” marks Rhett’s first single off his forthcoming album, and is climbing up the country charts now.