Thomas Rhett Has ‘No Idea’ On How to Prepare for Baby

Thomas Rhett may be getting in the groove of fatherhood, but even he knows he’s got a lot to learn before his newborn arrives.

After he and his wife, Lauren, adopted little Willa and brought her home, the two have spent the majority of their time adapting to the life of parenthood. Balancing taking care of his daughter on top of performing and recording for his new record, Rhett revealed he doesn’t have one clue on what’s about to happen once their biological daughter gets introduced into the world.

“We don’t have any idea what we’re doing at all. Willa’s been home for almost a month and I feel like we kinda got spoiled on the fronting because Willa sleeps like 12 hours a night. So that’s not gonna happen when the newborn comes. But every time Willa will go touch Lauren’s stomach, we’ll just be like, ‘Your new sister’s inside there!’ Obviously, she doesn’t know it, but we’re just trying to say our newborn’s name and trying to get her used to the fact that there will be a sister here in about a month,” Rhett admitted to Sounds Like Nashville and other media.

While he may be unsure of his skills with a newborn, Rhett and his wife are enjoying their time as a family of three and soaking in every moment of Lauren’s pregnancy. The family is currently on vacation as Lauren recently passed the 36 week mark with their bun in the oven.

“Can’t believe we will have a new born not too long from now🙌🏼 36 weeks pregnant and 100% smoke show😍😍,” said Rhett in a photo posted to Instagram.

Thomas Rhett’s current single, “Craving You,” recently topped the country charts and is available on streaming services. The singer’s follow-up track has yet to be revealed.

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