Throwback to the Time Blake Shelton was Live From New York and Discovered the ‘Wishin’ Boot’

Blake Shelton has continuously blessed his fans with his sense of humor since the day he first discovered Twitter. The country star brought that same comedy to the TV screen when he hosted Saturday Night Live in January of 2015, and he didn’t disappoint.

One of the highlights from his hosting duties is when he teamed up with SNL castmates Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon to debut the hilarious country song, “Wishin’ Boot.”

“Wishin’ Boot” may be a parody, but it sounds like something that could come directly from the radio waves. The story-song focuses on the three performers who are all down on their luck until a magical cowboy boot seeks them out and makes all their dreams come true. With a concept like this and a laugh-out-loud music video, it’s a shock this track didn’t turn into a mega-hit.

“It’s the wishin’ boot, just believe it’s true/It’s hope in the form of little ol’ dirty boot/You’re the wishin’ boot, the boot is you/Tell all your friends ‘bout the boot,” the chorus sings.

Throughout the music video we watch as the mystical boot uses its powers on the three comedians. Shelton appears looking like he came straight from the farm in a cheesy brown leather jacket and matching cowboy hat.

“I was workin’ in the barn, with my ol’ dog jake/When the wishin’ boot appeared, and I thought, this is a mistake/I walked up to the boot to say everything’s alright/Then the boot pulled out a knife and threatened my life/This was not the wishin’ boot, it was a fake/And suddenly my good ol’ dog began to change shape/It was a wishin’ boot, the real wishin’ boot/The whole dang time that dog had been the boot/Oh wishin’ boot, beautiful and true/You’re so much more than a boot/ You’re the wishin’ boot,” Shelton sings while sporting a blonde hair-do with a mustache to match.

Shelton’s SNL performance was filled with more hilarious skits including “Farm Hunk,” which is a rip-off of The Bachelor, and his guest appearance on made-up talk show “Topeka Today” where he sings an angry song about his late wife.

Be sure to watch Blake Shelton and the entire “Wishin’ Boot” video above.