Tim McGraw Reveals What to Expect in ‘The Shack’

Tim McGraw recently put his acting cap back on and his skills to the test by taking on a role in the new upcoming book-to-film adaptation of the drama novel, The Shack.

Starring alongside critically-acclaimed actors like Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer, the country singer had to pull his own weight in the role of Willie, Worthington’s best friend in the movie. The character moves himself as somewhat of a voice of reason, and McGraw also used his own voice outside of Willie to narrate the film and carry the viewers through the dramatic journey of Worthington’s life.

“My character Willie is sort of the lead character’s best friend and sort of the audience in a lot of ways of the movie, and looks at it from the audience perspective.  I narrate the film as well, which is pretty much a treat for me to be able to do that and sort of be the voice of the film,” he said recently.

Showing great respect and love for his co-stars and the novel overall, McGraw looks at the story as a tale of deep faith and strength within the path of a man who is facing some of the toughest adversities one should ever see in a lifetime.

“Well it’s certainly a really heartfelt and heartbreaking at times film,” McGraw explained. “The story is certainly a story of redemption. Anybody that’s read the book knows that.  I got to work with some great people. You know Sam Worthington, who blew me away with his acting chops working with him he’s just such a talented, talented actor.”

Fans can catch The Shack when it hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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