Tim Montana’s Video for ‘Hillbilly Rich’ Caught Attention From Charlie Sheen

Tim Montana may host a variety of fans in his support circle, but never did he imagine Charlie Sheen would give him a social media shoutout.

After releasing the video for his single, “Hillbilly Rich” on YouTube, the party single and video caught the attention of the actor enough to send out some love for its patriotic and upbeat message online to his millions of followers.

“this is a stone cold masterpiece! my man is flat out KILLIN THE GAME,” Sheen tweeted out about the song and music video.

The “Hillbilly Rich” video doesn’t just have celebrities talking about it online; the clip also features some special cameos from guests like Street Bike Tommy Passemante from the MTV show, Nitro Circus, as well as U.S. Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, who is most known for firing the shots that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Montana felt the need to share “Hillbilly Rich” with the world after penning the song from a true-life experience inspired by none other than a late-night waitress at his favorite diner chain. Feeling the fire to stand up for her and many others he knew rising and grinding to earn a buck, Montana wanted the song to represent the hardworking blue-collar folks.

“I went to the Waffle House for late night breakfast with [my producer and co-writer] David [Fanning], when our waitress started explaining her .01 tip from the guy she served right before us. Being the holiday season and a really fun night out, we felt especially generous so we emptied our wallets when we left her the tip. It was over 100 bucks. The next day we got together for a co-write and started reminiscing about the waitress, so it became the inspiration and opening line of the song,” Montana explained.

Fans can check out Montana’s video for “Hillbilly Rich” above.