Travis Denning Heads to College for ‘David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs’ Video

Growing up in Warner Robins, Georgia, Travis Denning found himself always looking for a good time. The singer became the local life of the party, able to provide drinks for friends by using a fake ID.

His rowdy adventures were captured in his debut single, “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs,” and have now been transferred to the accompanying music video. The nearly four-minute-clip follows a young college student fighting his nerves as he tries to buy beer for the first time. He’s a welcome addition to a house party when his ID is accepted and he’s able to make a purchase, supplying party-goers with ample alcohol.

Things go awry when the cops show up, shutting down the party as quickly as possible. Things don’t go well for the leading man, as he ends up falling and winds up in cuffs.

Travis Denning

Travis Denning; Photo courtesy of Universal Music Group Nashville

Fans watching the video will get a special surprise as the real David Ashley Parker makes a cameo appearance as the liquor store cashier. The meeting is one Denning has been awaiting, and the two embrace as the clip ends.

After playing the song early on in his career, several people reached out saying they knew the real David Ashley Parker. One of them was Parker’s girlfriend who messaged Denning on Facebook.

“She said, ‘We love the song and we’d love to meet you,’ so I took that as a blessing,” he previously told Sounds Like Nashville. “I looked at the pictures and it’s definitely him, so we’re working on hanging out. It’s going to be cool. I’m very excited. Honestly my first question is, ‘Hey, when did you realize you lost your ID?’ I wrote it so I knew the song was coming, but I can’t imagine waking up one day and someone going, ‘I’m pretty sure there’s a song about you that’s on the radio.’”

The single is the lead track from Denning’s upcoming debut album. Fans may recognize his work as he’s previously penned tunes for by Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, Michael Ray and Chase Rice.

“David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs” can be heard on country radio or Spotify now.