Tyler Hubbard Plans Family Vacation for Father’s Day

Happy Easter from our family to yalls. Jesus has risen.

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With his first official Father’s Day coming up after welcoming his daughter back in December of 2017, Tyler Hubbard hopes to fly out to the mountains to spend some quality time with his two favorite girls.

The country star decided to treat himself and the rest of the Hubbard clan to a little getaway out in Montana to enjoy the great outdoors. As long as the three of them are together, that’s all Hubbard really cares about, but he also wants to remember the trip as another page in this chapter of his life.

Somebody thinks I’m funny.

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“I feel great about it. We, Hayley and I and the baby, Liv, are going to be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on actually a little mini vacation so we’ve planned a little Father’s Day hike, just to learn something as a family, to get out in nature and walk and hang out. Yeah, we’re excited. I think it’s going to be a cool first Father’s Day and a very cool moment,” Hubbard said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media recently.

It was over the holiday season of last year when Hubbard officially became a father to Olivia Rose, who was born on Saturday, December 23, 2017. She came into the world happy and healthy, thanks to her mother’s brave delivery last winter.

Hubbard will go back on tour for the summer with Florida Georgia Line, with dates and tickets listed on their official website.