Walker Hayes Dedicates Next Single to ‘Craig’

Walker Hayes said thank you to a friend in the best way he knew how: by writing a song called "Craig" after his kind gesture.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Walker Hayes Dedicates Next Single to ‘Craig’
Walker Hayes; Cover art courtesy Monument Records

Walker Hayes brought out his sassy side on his debut single with “You Broke Up With Me,” but he wanted to switch gears with a grateful message called “Craig.”

Sending the thankful song out to country radio marks a monumental point in Hayes’ career, because the song represents more than just his second single to hit the airwaves. It comes in the form of a lyrical sign of appreciation for a man that gave more to Hayes and his family than they could have ever imagined when life was not going so well. Noting that the title character gifted Hayes with the seat-belted safety of a van for his family, the track relives the emotional act of kindness.

The country singer thought of his own creative way to acknowledge the gesture by way of song, which left Craig himself speechless the first time Hayes sent it over to him.

“He will tell you, he was undone. He came apart crying and then about 30 minutes later he just texted me speechless and then you know, eventually, we’ve talked several times and he loves it. One of the most fun parts about this song is talking to him, talking about the reactions people are having from it, and I love to call him after shows and be like, ‘Dude, they sang every word tonight, you know.’ And it’s right now and I feel like we’re just scratching the surface of what this song is going to propel in society,” Hayes explained to SiriusXM The Highway.

Hoping for a bit of a revolution of paying it forward, Hayes spread the message during a simple performance on The Bobby Bones Show on Tuesday morning (3/20).

“Craig” is available to stream off of Walker Hayes’ album, boom., at this time.