What We Learned from Brett Eldredge’s Buzzfeed Interview

Brett Eldredge let his true colors show in the quirky, personal single he recently released called “Something I’m Good At.” Buzzfeed took getting to know more about the country star to the next level by asking him 30 questions to get to know the truth to the man behind the mic.

The country singer revealed some rather interesting fun facts never before known to fans. Although they may not be anything life-changing, Eldredge laid all of his secrets out on the line. Admitting he’s more of a Nutella guy than a fan of bacon and he’s a lover of all the curse words, Eldredge also spilled on the best date he’s ever been on.

“I once took a date whitewater rafting and brought my entire band/crew along,” he admitted.

Eldredge also made some critical decisions, choosing puppies or kittens and whiskey on the rocks as his drink of choice when he rolls up to the bar. He even gave a few details on the last awkward moment he got himself into and it involved another fellow country singer with a smooth personality.

“I was on stage singing with Luke Bryan and he started singing a song that we hadn’t rehearsed. Both Luke and myself just winged it,” he told Buzzfeed.

Currently, Eldredge is on the road opening up for Bryan on the Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day Tour. Fans can find more information about the tour on his website now.