Why Eric Paslay Enjoys the Festival Atmosphere

Summer means only one thing for country music fans and that is festivals, festivals and more festivals.

From the beginning of the season, Eric Paslay has been making his rounds across the festival circuit and performing some of his biggest hits to all those out dancing in the fields. Paslay calls upon his supporters to unite at the massive shows, as if they were brothers and sisters within the country music kinship.

“Festivals, I call them family reunions, because you never know who’s going to be there, so you have more family members to pick on during the day,” Paslay said to Sounds Like Nashville recently.

It’s not hard for Paslay to get pumped up knowing his fans are in for a party and he thrives off the buzz of the larger crowds whenever he books a spot on a festival lineup. Although the smaller, intimate venue provide a close connection to the audience, Paslay finds the spark in each performance in front of thousands of fans based on the vibe set out throughout the weekend.

“The festivals, you’ve got these giant stages, which is awesome. You can run around and do all kinds of fun stuff. But the fans are a little further away. You’ve got the fancy chairs up front and all the crazy fans in the back. They’re both amazing. When you’re only getting to play clubs, all you’re dreaming about is getting to play those giant stages,” he explained.

Regardless of the size or energy of the audience though, Paslay appreciates the fire that fans provide him no matter which show he’s performing at. The country singer doesn’t want to lose sight of his passion for sharing music with the world, and festivals are just another outlet for him to get to do what he loves.

“I always say enjoy every stage you play,” he told SLN. “That’s literally for every singer. Enjoy every stage that you’re on. Give the best show you can and enjoy it. Realize that if it was only one stage, you’d get bored with it.”

Paslay a handful of dates lined up through the end of the year. Fans can visit Paslay’s official website for specific tour information. His latest release, The Work Tapes, is available on iTunes now.

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