Brad Paisley Brings the Laughs to Nashville’s Wild West Comedy Festival

Brad Paisley is well known for his sense of humor whether it be his many years hosting the CMA Awards or his often tongue-in-cheek lyrics and fans got to witness this close up Tuesday night (April 18) when he hosted an evening of comedy at Zanies Nashville. The 80-minute set included performances by Paisley, comedians John Heffron, Jon Reep, Mike Winfield, Sarah Tiana and Nate Bargatze and was part of the fourth annual Wild West Comedy Festival. The two back-to-back comedy shows were sponsored by George Dickel and will air at a later date on Netflix.

“I am thrilled to be in my hometown. Where are we?” Paisley quipped at the beginning of his set, guitar in hand. “This is the third year I’ve done this festival and I’m ecstatic. Let me introduce to you four out of five of the funniest people you will ever see. These guys are good friends of mine.”

After he introduced each comedian, the six performers then collaborated for a comical song that had them namedropping Reba McEntire and sidestepping their problems by claiming, “I’m just asking for a friend.”

“How do you tell your neighbor, Reba, that five comedians murdered her horses?” Paisley questions before they all chime in to say, “I’m just asking for a friend.”

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Paisley then had the microphone to himself for a short stand-up routine where he recounted several songs he had written like the poignant ballad and No. 1 hit “She’s Everything.” Sometimes, he explained, songs take a detour in the writing room as he shared an alternative take to his 2007 chart topper.

“She’s a perfect angel but sometimes she can be a pain / She’s almost everything I wanted she’s almost everything to me,” he sang, sharing that this is what one calls the director’s cut of a song.

Later, he’d play the first verse of his new single “Last Time For Everything” before admitting the original lyrics detailed, “taping Cinemax on your parents VCR… making sweet love with the door unlocked thinking the kids are asleep. There’s a last time for everything.”

Jokes abounded with digs at President Donald Trump and the new Beauty and the Beast film. Paisley also admitted the scariest thing for him as a “beloved musician” is people getting so easily offended. He then played “selfie#theinternetisforever” off his forthcoming album Love and War which was seemingly tailor-made for a stand-up show.

A highlight of Paisley’s set included the comical “Ode de Toilet (The Toilet Song)” which the singer confessed writing as his wedding song for his wife, Kimberly Williams Paisley, who was in attendance and laughed along at the majority of his routine.

“If I want to show how much I adore her the best way I have found is to make sure when I’m finished I put that toilet seat down,” he sang. “She just wants me to support her and the best way that I’ve found is with a gentle hand and a loving touch, I put that toilet seat down.”

“That’s how you marry a movie star,” he conceded as the room erupted in laughter.

The Wild West Comedy Festival runs through April 23 in Nashville.

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