EP Review: Dylan Scott’s ‘Merry Christmas’

The songs on Dylan Scott's 'Merry Christmas' EP simply make one feel good and serve as the perfect music to celebrate the season.

Written by Chuck Dauphin
EP Review: Dylan Scott’s ‘Merry Christmas’
Dylan Scott; Photo Credit: Cameron Powell

It goes without saying that 2017 is going to be likely one of the most unforgettable Christmas seasons in the life of Curb Records’ Dylan Scott. It’s the first holiday period after he topped the chart with his infectious “My Girl” single, and it represents the first Yuletide season that he and wife Blair will be parents as they are anticipating their first child to arrive in December. So, needless to say, this Christmas-themed album, Merry Christmas, will serve as a point of reference – to when life was just about to change forever.

As is the case with many such releases, there’s nothing really trendy or hip to this five-song set. But, then again, there really doesn’t need to be. Sometimes, many artists miss the mark by trying to re-invent the musical wheel when it comes to a holiday album. Scott doesn’t do that here. What he does, and does well, is come up with a platter that shows his vocals off to the masses – in a way that fans are not used to seeing. That’s not taking a swipe at his radio singles, as they have found an audience with fans and radio alike. But, without having to think about what radio might or might not play, Scott showcases just how talented a singer he actually is – with no pyrotechnics or neat vocal tricks designed to set one apart on the airwaves.

The five tracks here are songs fans know quite well. There’s the bouncy and celebratory feel of “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town,” the understated balladry of “White Christmas” and “The Christmas Song,” and a really fine take on “Winter Wonderland,” which sounds like the keeper here. It’s a performance where Scott’s vocal shine up front and personal, making the sonic impact.

All in all, these songs simply make one feel good and serve as the perfect music to celebrate the season.