EP Review: Russell Dickerson’s ‘Yours’

I will admit that when I listened to Russell Dickerson’s new EP, I was making a few comparisons to other artists who are out today. But…. you know what they say sometimes about the first listen. As I soaked in one cut and moved to the other, I found myself hitting the rewind track more often than not. The lead-off cut, “Every Little Thing,” will no doubt make an impact with the younger generation with it’s fresh and zippy production. The song is very much in line with everything that is on Country Radio these days.

“MGNO” could also very well make an impact with the female demographic. It’s lyrics that any woman would love to hear from her man, and Dickerson pulls them off rather well. To a man, the sentiment might come across as a little hokey, but I look for this one to hit women hard. It could very well be a sleeper on this set, which oozes with romantic hooks. As Dickerson tells us, “These songs are me and they are the real me. I’m just a happy hopeful romantic that loves singing songs about it! I’m very proud of this music and I cannot wait for the world to sing along!”

Russell Dickerson Yours EP

Still, the true test of the project is the ballad. That’s usually the case with any singer. You can be very inventive behind production and loops – and that might go a long way, but if you can’t handle a love song… you’re probably not going to be around long. In this case, the Nashville native (a rarity) definitely hits the mark with “Yours.” Offered here in two versions, Dickerson proves himself to be a vocalist of strength here – especially on the slightly more restrained “Wedding” version.

At four songs, this simply whets the appetites for what this former Belmont student can do. I would love to hear some more. Somehow, I think we’re all going to get that chance!