EP Review: Tucker Beathard’s ‘Fight Like Hell’

From a distance, country newcomer Tucker Beathard may look like a bad boy with a guitar. But with his debut EP, Fight Like Hell, the 21-year-old singer/songwriter exposes himself in a vulnerable light giving an audience glimpses of the heartbreak, growing up and family bonds that shaped him and his early career.

The six-song EP is strong lyrically though there is not much diversity in sound. The minimal production found on the project gives way for Beathard’s unique voice to carry each of the track’s messages.

“I’ll Take On the World With You” is a sweet proclamation that describes a bond between brothers. It shows a softer side of Beathard’s tough exterior where his gravely voice is a welcomed contrast to the lyrics. “Home Sweet USA” and “Momma and Jesus” follow the same formula, with various levels of production. Beathard may not have a range comparable to other country voices, but the depth of his lyrics more than make up for it. Both tracks exemplify his heart and his roots: his home, family and faith.

Beathard shows a streak of vulnerability in “20-10 Tennessee,” an original take on telling the story of a bad fight between two lovers using score updates from a college football game. It’s the only true love song on the record, which is refreshing compared to other recent releases that are soaked in a scorned heart. “Fight Like Hell” stands out on the record, using an up-and-comer’s enthusiasm to project motivation to an audience. The anthem sets the mantra for his career and what boundaries he still has yet to push.

“Rock On” is the current single off the project and has acted as a great introduction into country radio. It showcases his unique voice with a hint into his rebel persona, and just enough heart to keep listener’s intrigued.

Though this is just a small preview of what is yet to come from Beathard, this project will have fans looking forward to a full-length album. Beathard still has room to explore new themes and ranges in his music and expose more of himself in future music.