7 Things Your Hairstylist Wants You To Stop Doing Immediately

Hair is a vital accessory that every person needs to accentuate in their life because it shows true personality that grows from the outside in. To be honest though, we get the fact that if the hair doesn’t look or feel good, it makes you want to curl up and dye…if you know what we’re saying.

With great power comes great responsibility, and even that cliché applies to the maintenance of the mane. Too little work will make your tresses lackluster and too much is just a tease for the real deal. While the Goldilocks effect may be hard to nail down for all of us beauty school dropouts, it’s the professionals that sweep all of the secrets under the mat (along with those bang trimmings you never want to see again).

Sounds Like Nashville got to chatting with celebrity stylist Lee Wright from Style House Salon in Nashville to get the inside scoop on how to keep the frizz to a minimum and the glamour to the max level. From nixing out the guilty pleasure of plucking gray hairs to urging against any over-the-counter dye job in an “emergency” manner, Wright laid down seven hair laws that all hairdressers wish people would stop breaking.

Watch the video above to see what hair crimes you need to stop committing.

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