Kelsea Ballerini Reveals How She Sticks to Routine on Tour

Life on the road isn’t exactly easy. Going from a normal-sized home to adjusting to a space smaller than your average studio apartment doesn’t just happen overnight. Thankfully, Kelsea Ballerini has adapted to her touring lifestyle, with grace and ease may we add.

The country star chatted with Self about how she sticks to her routines throughout her travels and revealed how to micro-manage her time and space when it comes to being stuck on the bus. From workouts to eating to even glamming up for shows, Ballerini proves she’s got the tour life down to a science now that she’s garnered some hands-on experience over the past couple years.

Sticking to her healthy way of living, Ballerini admits to shying away from the sugary, fatty foods to keep her in shape and ready to take on every performance. Trading fast food for fresh food, the singer calls ‘dibs’ on anything that will fuel her system before hitting the stage.

“It took a while to learn to eat healthy on road. It’s really hard. Really, really hard. But on the bus, I can use the stovetop in the morning to make a veggie scramble. And have lots and lots and lots of coffee. I try to have protein for dinner so I have energy for the show,” she said.

While it may come to a surprise for fans to hear, Ballerini even does her own glam before the shows in her cramped bus bathroom. Organizing it perfectly for easy access, the country cutie knows her glitters from her sparkles and everything in between when it comes to primping for a performance.

“The little counter has little drawers under it, so I have all my face and eye makeup in one and my lip and sparkle stuff in another one. When it’s time to get ready, I shut door, crank music, and just do one thing at a time. When I’m doing my hair, I lay the curling iron in the sink—the water’s off, obviously—and that way it doesn’t fall off the small counter,” Ballerini explained.

As she’s about to hit the road with Thomas Rhett this spring for the Home Team Tour, she’s even enlisted the help of a trainer to keep it fit in order to give the big energy back to the crowd throughout every show.

Ballerini will join Rhett in April for the Home Team Tour, and fans can find more information about dates and tickets on her website.