Shania Twain Then and ‘Now’: Six of Her Most Iconic Looks

Shania Twain is a true music icon. Blazing a trail for the pop-country genre and recording timeless hit after timeless hit, the legendary country act solidified her name in the industry and became the best-selling country female artist of all time.

Not only did Twain establish a distinctive voice thanks to her loaded catalogue of songs, but she also made waves in the fashion world by styling her music videos with some iconic looks. Trying out anything raring on the edge of daring and sexy, Twain kept her style fresh with outfits defining each era of her career. Designers and fans took note of the country singer’s trendy take for years, and even now Twain continues to take fashion risks during her massive comeback.

Looking back on some of the fashion highlights from her career, Twain almost predicted what designs would rule red carpets and runways today from donning bodysuits to throwing on a snug pair of mom jeans. In honor of Now, her first album release in 15 years, Sounds Like Nashville decided to rewind back to six of her greatest looks throughout the years.

Here are six of Twain’s most iconic looks:

  1. The leopard ensemble from “That Don’t Impress Me Much”

 The rave reviews about this feline apparel weren’t spotty at all; in fact, it really became the cat’s meow as one of her famed looks from the Come On Over time period. And what can we say about those abs?! We would claw over everything for a body like that!

  1. The sexy menswear outfit from “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”

 Break out those men’s shirts and short skirts, ladies! Twain made a bold statement sporting a classic tuxedo with a feminine twist: the jacket runs all the way to the floor as a skirt, but cheekily reveals her thigh-high boots underneath. She even strips it down to basics in her uniform of choice, also known as the mini-dress and undone button-down.

  1. The dreamy beach look from “Forever and For Always”

 Twain epitomizes romance within her airy shoreside attire by keeping it light in a cozy tan cropped sweater and breezy cotton maxi skirt as the winds kick up along the ocean. While on the more casual side of Twain’s taste, she looks as glowing as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model as she rolls in the sand with the tide rolling in.

  1. The 90s-inspired Canadian tuxedo from “Any Man of Mine”

 Is this Shania Twain or Saved by the Bell’s Kelly Kapowski? Either way, the country singer rocks the double-denim trend of the decade with a pair of high-waisted Wrangler jeans matched with a cute, cropped vest and a crisp white tank. Always one to sneak some skin into the outfit, Twain flaunts her tiny physique peeking out from under her top. Let’s just say this look could definitely be seen all across the pages of fashion magazines even today.

  1. The futuristic and lacy bodysuits from “I’m Gonna Getcha Good”

 Ah, the era of bodysuits. Britney Spears wore them. Janet Jackson tried them out. But no one ruled the trend like Twain did in her one-piece ensembles from this cutting edge music video. Whether you prefer lace or leather, Twain struts it all while riding away in style on her innovative motorcycle. How’s that for being cool?

  1. The tropical-colored gown from “Life’s About to Get Good”

 Representing the peace and joy Twain found while creating her forthcoming record, the singer opens her arms to the air in a flowy frock painted in hues of yellow and blue. Making yet another bold statement, Twain doesn’t look a day over 25 and also seems happier than ever before.

Twain’s new album, Now, is officially available in stores and online.

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