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Mike Ryan Leaned On Small Town Living as Inspiration for ‘Blink You’ll Miss It’

“That was a obvious theme and with some of the album artwork and all that other stuff it ties in those family pictures and early on stuff that I did growing up,” Ryan explained to Sounds Like Nashville.

Kelly Brickey • February 2, 2018

14 New Country Artists to Watch in 2017

While 2016 saw several new Country acts from last year’s Artists to Watch list break through the genre like Maren Morris, Tucker Beathard and Kane Brown, 2017 also shows much promise.

Annie Reuter • December 15, 2016

Mike Ryan Finds a ‘New Hometown’ To Get Over Heartbreak

The easy-to-listen track considers the many places that Ryan would love to relocate to after going through a heartbreak that causes him to lose his sense of home.

Kelly Brickey • December 8, 2016