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Keith Urban Surprises Chicago Fans by Inviting Nicole Kidman Onstage

Kidman was clearly surprised by the invitation.

Lauren Laffer • August 20, 2018

Keith Urban Takes to the Confines of a Hotel Bathroom For New Music

“Whatever it takes to get the right sound when you’re recording. Nothing like the acoustics in a hotel bathroom,” the Big Little Lies actress wrote.

Lauren Laffer • August 14, 2018

5 Times Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Were Total #CoupleGoals

It’s clear that over the years they have perfected the art of working around their busy schedules because flexibility can be key when it comes to being able to see each other as often as they can.

Sara Weathers • June 25, 2018

Eight Times Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Were Lucky in Love

The power couple reigns over both the country world and the lights of Hollywood with their steamy romance.

Kelly Brickey • May 21, 2018

Nicole Kidman Heckled Keith Urban During Private Spotify Event

In opposition to her taunting, Urban made Kidman join him onstage for an impromptu duet of “Parallel Line.”

Kelly Brickey • April 27, 2018

Keith Urban Serenades Nicole Kidman With ‘Parallel Line’ at Live Show

Reese Witherspoon and Kelsea Ballerini both commented on the Instagram post, hoping for more magic from the power couple in the future.

Kelly Brickey • April 24, 2018

Keith Urban Praises Nicole Kidman as Forever Inspiration on Love Songs

“Nic inspired me to try anything, to do anything…because that’s how she approaches her own work,” he also said during his SXSW panel.

Kelly Brickey • March 20, 2018

Nicole Kidman Surprises Fans On Her Way to the Oscars

Could you imagine seeing Nicole Kidman in the car next to you?

Lauren Laffer • March 5, 2018

These Country Couples Keep the Romance Alive

Love is in the Nashville air!

Kelly Brickey • February 14, 2018

Nicole Kidman Eats Bugs Without Flinching During ‘Secret Talent Theatre’

“Just a little side note: two billion people eat bugs and I’m one of them,” Kidman said.

Kelly Brickey • January 30, 2018

Nicole Kidman Assures That Keith Urban Won’t Cross Over to the Acting World

“Any chance I can, I will acknowledge what he does because he really is so kind, and I don’t think that having a cameo on one of my projects would interest him, to be honest,” she said to reporters.

Kelly Brickey • January 22, 2018

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s Daughters Are Passionate About Women’s Rights

“They’re pretty aware. They’re very much about advocating for women’s rights, and what they want to do and having opportunities,” Kidman tells Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet.

Cillea Houghton • January 12, 2018

Nicole Kidman Gives Sweet Shout-Out to Keith Urban During Golden Globes Speech

“And Keith Urban, when my cheek’s against yours, everything melts away and that is love. It’s true. I love you so much,” Kidman proclaimed.

Kelly Brickey • January 8, 2018

Keith Urban Pays Tribute to Artists Who Passed in 2017 with Heartfelt Performance

The superstar honored artists such as Don Williams, Glen Campbell, and Troy Gentry with a musical tribute on New Year’s Eve.

Cillea Houghton • January 2, 2018

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Enjoy a ‘Big Summer Christmas’

“We want to be on the beach for Christmas, no snow. We love the ocean and shrimp,” Kidman recently revealed.

Lauren Laffer • December 11, 2017

Keith Urban Calls ‘Female’ a ‘Beautiful, Poignant Prayer’

“As a father of two daughters – six and nine – as a husband, as a son, it just resonated with me…,” Urban shared.

Kelly Brickey • November 28, 2017

Keith Urban Thanks the Fans After Winning Three American Music Awards

“To the fans, you are the best in the world. I love you guys more than you know,” Urban gushed during his celebratory speech.

Kelly Brickey • November 20, 2017

Keith Urban Reveals Nicole Kidman Makes a Cameo On His New Single, ‘Female’

Kidman joined in on the recording alongside songwriter and fellow musician Nicolle Galyon for girl power teamwork on the track.

Kelly Brickey • November 9, 2017

Nicole Kidman (Sort Of) Shares What Keith Urban Planned for Her Birthday

“I lit off a ton of fireworks,” Urban previously explained of his plans for Kidman’s 40th birthday.

Lauren Laffer • October 24, 2017

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Want Their Daughters to ‘See the World in a Beautiful Way,’ Despite Recent Tragedies

“There’s darkness in the world and at some point you want to keep your kids from that because you want [them] to enjoy childhood and imagination and see the world in a beautiful way,” Urban shares. 

Lauren Laffer • October 20, 2017