WIN a Copy of Luke Combs’ Latest Album, ‘This One’s For You’

There’s nothing like the first time, and Luke Combs is feeling that debut magic with the recent release of his album, This One’s For You.

Dedicating himself over the past few years to creating authentic music personal to him, Combs finally broke out of his studio shell to lay down 12 tracks for fans to grasp on to with his debut effort. Putting his heart down throughout every song, Combs just wrote what he knew and formed a record out of his honesty in hopes listeners could connect to the same emotions he’s been rolling through.

“I co-wrote all 12 songs on the album. I just love writing songs and I think for me, as a fan of music, nothing against cutting songs, I would cut a great song if I heard it, but I just had the songs and I was like ‘let’s do this,’” he told Sounds Like Nashville during a past interview. “When I go and see a concert, when I watch somebody and say, ‘Okay, well this guy wrote everything, I feel like I’m really connecting with that guy because those are his thoughts that he’s put down and turned into a song.’ I really enjoy that aspect of music so I’m trying to bring that to what I’m doing.”

Combs gave his all enough to earn a No. 1 title with his radio single, “Hurricane.” Storming its way up the charts, the country singer gratefully accepted the accolade and thanked the fans for sticking with him along the way.

Fans can celebrate the release of Combs’ debut record by entering to win a copy of the album to keep for yourself. Five winners will be selected to take home a signed copy of This One’s For You from Sounds Like Nashville.

This One’s For You is available for streaming and purchase now.