WIN a Kenny Chesney ‘Live in No Shoes Nation’ CD

Rather than step back into the studio for his latest full-length project, Kenny Chesney decided to go live and highlight his past ten years on the road with his Live in No Shoes Nation album. Chesney decided to release the 30-track project after listening back to recordings and hearing the songs take on a new life when the fans sang along.

“You record songs, you put’em on a record,” Chesney explains. “You know, people think it stops there. Even when it’s on the radio, that’s really between the listener and their life. But when you have people in your life like No Shoes Nation, I’ve come to believe, we figure out what these songs really mean when we get out there on the road and sing’ em together!”

“So as I was listening to some of these tapes, I decided: they’re as much the people who’ve been coming out to the shows as anybody’s,” he continued. “I shouldn’t be the only one listening – and that sent me down a tube into all these summers out there rocking. When I told the record company how many songs, they thought I’d lost my mind… And that was before we added ‘Young,’ which really started and defined this chapter, to the list!”

Live in No Shoes Nation features a variety of special guests, including Eric ChurchMac McAnallyDavid Lee MurphyOld Dominion, Grace Potter, Taylor Swift and the Zac Brown Band.

Chesney will continue to embrace the live lifestyle when he embarks on his 2018 Trip Around the Sun Tour, which will kick off on April 21 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Joining him on the stadium portion of the tour will be Thomas RhettOld Dominion, and newcomer Brandon Lay.

To celebrate the release of Live in No Shoes Nation, Sounds Like Nashville is giving away five copies of the new record. To enter for a chance to win, use the entry form below.

Pick up your copy of Chesney’s Live in No Shoes Nation on iTunes now.