Chris Lane Spills His Fashion Secrets

The country singer talks all things red carpet and fashion transformations in his exclusive style guide.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Chris Lane Spills His Fashion Secrets
Chris Lane, Photos courtesy CMA, Getty Images

Not only has Chris Lane blown up in the country format with hits like “Fix” and “For Her,” but he’s quickly become one of country music’s hottest style icons with his suave suits and fashion-forward ensembles.

Experimenting with a number of trends and figuring out the best fit for his body type, Lane has fallen in line with what’s in and out for his personal closet and his choices seem to land him on various best dressed lists over the past couple years.

During an interview with Sounds Like Nashville, Lane got candid about how he selects the right looks and the key to making every outfit look perfect. From admitting to his personal style icons to discussing his progression of some not-too-great fashion faux pas he’s made in the past, the country star let us in on his style secrets for his fans to be in the know about.

The development of his personal style: “Um, well, you know I don’t wear Abercrombie anymore. [laughs] I was telling somebody the other day that my parents used to tell me…you know we didn’t have a lot of money growing up and I used to want to wear Abercrombie because I thought it was cool. My brother was the same way. But my parents would be like, ‘Well we can’t afford Abercrombie, so if you want to wear that, you gotta get a job and get it yourself. If you want us to buy you clothes, we’ll go to, like, JCPenney or something like that.’ So I ended up getting a job just so I could buy Abercrombie clothes. How hilarious is that?”

How he shops and his country style inspirations: “I have fun with it. I have someone that no goes out and tries to help find clothes just ‘cause I don’t have enough time. I kinda learn from other guys in the industry as well, like Sam Hunt…he’s got a good style. And Thomas Rhett, FGL as well. I mean it’s just my style has changed a lot, that’s for sure. I used to wear baggy, baggy jeans. I’ve got some pretty funny photos, really funny photos. I don’t know, I just like to keep it tidy now.” His music industry style icons: “I feel like Bieber has some pretty good style. Justin Timberlake and heck, I mean, even Usher. So yeah, I would say some of those guys as well.”

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How he gets ready for the red carpet: “It kinda just depends on my mood for the day, to be honest with you. Whether I feel like getting dressed up or dressed down, I tend to dress down a lot most days in gym attire just to be comfortable. As far as red carpet, I’ve only had four red carpets now and I just kinda pick a color that I feel like going with for that specific time. This past time for the CMAs, I liked to go with the green and I’d never had a green suit before, so I chose that. I don’t know, I don’t really have a theory or anything. I just kinda see something that I like and I pick it out and put it on.”

His favorite trend at the minute: “Maybe the longer tees. I like those. I used to, two years ago, I was out on tour with Florida Georgia Line and I used to cut my shirts like right at the belt line. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I would cut holes all up in my shirt and I would cut it to where it was not long, to where it was really short like right above my belt line. But I didn’t have to like pull my shirt up or it’s weird. I don’t know why I’d do that, but I’m into the long tees now. I dig those.”

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