Fashion Spotlight: Rodney Atkins and Rose Falcon-Atkins’ Rod and Rose Jewelry

Fashion Spotlight: Rodney Atkins and Rose Falcon-Atkins’ Rod and Rose Jewelry

Rodney Atkins, Rose Falcon

Country music couple Rodney Atkins and Rose Falcon-Atkins are known for their success as singers and songwriters. However, the couple recently collaborated on something new – a rugged and versatile line of jewelry for men and women appropriately named Rod and Rose. Falcon-Atkins recently sat down with CMIL Fashion/Beauty Editor Brenna Mader to talk about their newest project.

What inspired you to start Rod and Rose?
I really felt I needed an additional creative outlet. I had married my best friend, had my first number one song as a co-writer on Eric Paslay’s Friday Night, and finally settled in to a cozy home. My heart was content as many of my personal goals/dreams came to fruition, but I needed to continue growing by taking on challenges outside of my comfort zone.
Of course, I am a singer/songwriter first, but the chain of events that led to creating this line, felt so organic that I knew it was meant to be.

I met Donna and Mark Schons, founders of the Johnny Loves June jewelry line, through my friend Miranda, owner of an amazing boutique called Cotton and Twine, and we just clicked. I loved what Donna was doing with the JLJ line and knew she could help make our vision for Rod&Rose a reality, so we formed a partnership, Rod&Rose by Johnny Loves June.

Brenna wearing the Rod and Rose Renegade Bracelet and the Matraca Necklace

Is this a one time collection or can we expect to see more in the future?
You can definitely expect to see more collections in the future. We are growing quickly and learning as we go. Right now we are working on incorporating more “southern charm” in to the line. Many of the new pieces will be inspired by our love for country music and the essence of what Rodney refers to as the “rural heart.”

Describe your personal style.
To be honest the most important thing to me when it comes to style is that it appears effortless, natural, and somewhat comfortable. I’m not big on wearing something just because it’s “in.”

That being said, on a good day, I would probably describe my style as gypsy meets cowgirl. On an average day writing with friends, I would describe my style as, nothing special! I don’t always dress to impress. Rodney makes me feel beautiful even on my off days. Love is the best accessory. When you truly feel loved, you can light up a room no matter what you are wearing. Of course, a great statement piece like our Renegade Bracelet, always helps!

Is Rodney involved in the design process?
Yes, more than you may imagine. He actually sat around with me stringing beads for prototypes when we first started. He has endless amounts of patience, which I lack.

If so, what style elements is he drawn to?
Rodney loves relics, like the Buffalo Nickel on the Redmon Bracelet. He definitely drawn to soft distressed leather, and pieces for men that aren’t “blingy” or flashy. He is a man’s man, and we aim to keep our men’s line rugged and masculine.

What’s it like working together? Are you working on anything else creatively right now? Music? Other design projects?
We are both working on new music. Rodney recently released his Greatest Hits album and has a new record on the way, which includes a duet that we are thrilled about. I am working on an album of my own and writing like crazy! As for other design projects, we would eventually like to expand our line to offer apparel. We have some awesome t-shirt and hat designs in the works.

You can find shop Rod and Rose HERE. Check out Rod and Rose on Instagram @rodandrose.