Kelsea Ballerini Found Her Dream Wedding Dress on Instagram

Kelsea Ballerini looked no further than an Instagram scroll session to find her dream dress for her wedding day in Mexico.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Kelsea Ballerini Found Her Dream Wedding Dress on Instagram
Kelsea Ballerini; Photo Credit: Donn Jones / CMA

With the endless possibilities out there for Kelsea Ballerini to find her perfect wedding dress, she turned to Instagram to find her dream gown just months before the couple said ‘I do.’

Although Ballerini thought about what she possibly wanted to wear on her big day, she couldn’t nail down the right ensemble to wow her guests and, of course, her husband Morgan Evans. Opting for a softer, ethereal look for their beach ceremony, the singer landed upon her flowy Berta number that took her breath away the minute she laid eyes on it via an Instagram scroll session.

“I had no idea what I wanted for a wedding dress; I just never really thought about it,” Ballerini said about her search to People. “So, I was scrolling through Instagram one day, which is a lot of the times how I found my award show dresses. I saw a picture of this dress, and I immediately was like, ‘I think that’s my dress.’ I sent it to my stylist, like, ‘Can you get this? Can I try it on?’”

Her stylist searched for the dress for weeks, and surprised Ballerini with a special fitting once she got her hands on the design. Knowing she definitely would say yes to the dress surrounded by her mom and bridesmaids, Ballerini broke it in with an inaugural dance party to one very special song associated with the day.

“I put it on and I was so happy because I knew it was the dress. I walked out, and we’d turned on [‘Marry You’], and me and all the girls just popped a bottle of champagne and danced to Bruno Mars, in the dress. That was the perfect first memory of me in that dress to set the tone for getting to marry him in it,” she continued.

It was work, though, that inspired her hairstyle for the celebration as Ballerini looked toward her breezy waves from the “Legends” music video for the ultimate beauty look.

“When I saw that music video I was like, ‘That’s my wedding hair.’ I just wanted the whole look to not be overly done; I really want it to be natural and just simple and classic — where we can look at the pictures in 30 years and be like, that’s still not too crazy-looking. So, it was just long and beach-wavy,” the singer revealed.

Ballerini and Evans tied the knot on Saturday, December 2 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.