Martina McBride Looks to Rock Legends for Style Inspiration

“I always tend to go for something a little edgier.  I always have," said McBride about her everchanging wardrobe throughout her career.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Martina McBride Looks to Rock Legends for Style Inspiration
Photo by Katie Kauss for Sounds Like Nashville

Throughout the years, Martina McBride has never been afraid to try a new look. In recent months, she’s taken notice of the edgier trends going on and has jumped on board by adding bits and pieces of the more hardcore style into her stage wardrobe.

But with fashion constantly changing season by season, where does the country icon look to find her source of style inspiration?

None other than some of the biggest rock legends in the music industry, for one.

Crediting people like “Red, White and You” singer Steven Tyler and the Rolling Stones lead man Mick Jagger, McBride enjoys their unique looks that define their persona every time they hit the stage.

“Yeah, I mean people like Steven Tyler, I mean he’s always, he always looks like Steven Tyler.  I mean, for rehearsal, when I went over and rehearsed the song in his studio, it was just like- wow – he’s always just a rock star, you know.  And Mick Jagger,” she said recently.

While McBride doesn’t try to emulate the rockers exactly, she does try to mirror their grittier sense of style whenever she hits the stage for one of her performances.

“I always tend to go for something a little edgier.  I always have. You know, kind of an edgier kind of thing on stage because I sing a lot of songs that I want to feel really strong when I’m singing and sort of plant my feet and sing big and powerful.  So, I’ve never been able to really wear little dresses on stage and things like that.  So, I’ve always gone for more of an edgier look,” McBride explained.

McBride always looks strong on stage through her outfits and her new single, “Just Around the Corner,” is another source of strength shown within the country singer’s vocal. Chosen as the theme song for her upcoming charitable tour, Band Against Cancer, it shows the true inspiration behind McBride’s actions by helping out a great cause like the Sarah Cannon Institute.

Fans can learn more about Band Against Cancer: The Sarah Cannon Tour and the dates for the shows on their website HERE.