Music City Star Alexandra Harper’s Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves

The CMT star (and former Miss Tennessee) offers up her must-haves for the season. 

Written by Alison Abbey
Music City Star Alexandra Harper’s Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves
Alexandra Harper (photo courtesy of CMT)

There’s no question that Miss Tennessee (and Miss USA hopeful) Alexandra Harper is the fashion queen of CMT’s Music City. Now, to help you prepare for last-minute holiday parties, winter soirees and New Year’s festivities, she’s sharing a few of her favorite winter weather staples.

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Kalika Thigh-High Boots courtesy

Thigh-High Boots

“The most flattering accessory of all time is a great pair of tight, thigh-high boots. Not only can you pair them with just about anything—leggings, jeans, mini-skirts—but they also make you appear slimmer, while elongating your figure.”

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Glam oversized white faux fur courtesy of

A Faux Fur Coat

“Every woman needs a faux fur in their winter wardrobe! Even if your style is more on the boho-minimalistic side, you still can incorporate a faux fur into your daily looks without it looking overly glam. I wear this one with a pair of SPANX leggings [see next item] and my favorite pair of thigh-high boots. Simple, yet timeless!”

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SPANX Leggings, courtesy of SPANX

SPANX Leggings

“Gone are the days when SPANX only sold undergarments and skin-sucking bodysuits. Behold, the new best friend that you won’t mind being attached to your hip 24/7: The SPANX Faux Leather Leggings. If you ever see me out, or just see me anywhere in general, I can guarantee you that I will be wearing a pair of these leggings. I have always wanted a pair of faux leather pants but I HATE wearing pants because I’m six feet tall and nothing ever fits me right. These things solved my pants phobia within seconds because they look like pleather and it’s literally impossible for them to be unflattering. A pair of these will save your life this holiday season and you will be able to take on all the Christmas eating and drinking by storm!”

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Leopard Booties, courtesy of

Leopard Booties

“I have loved and adored anything animal print since birth. Not only do I think my first word was ‘leopard,’ but I also sported a feisty little animal costume for my first Halloween. All of this to say, I love incorporating a pop of leopard into my outfits—especially in the winter because you have more clothes, more layers, more options to play with—to give my look some extra edge. These leopard booties are the perfect addition to any woman’s shoe collection!”

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Velvet jumpsuit courtesy of

Velvet Anything

“According to the rulebook of Style & Fashion 101, one should only wear velvet in the winter. So, what better time than the holidays to pull out some fabulous velvet party dresses to match all the Christmas festivities and flare? I also love a good jumpsuit, although they are typically hard to find for someone of my height, but I have found the perfect velvet option to pair with a cropped fur jacket and high heels.”