Runaway June Shares Festival Fashion Tips for Summer

Runaway June brought their fashion minds together to give five tips for fans to follow in their own personal festival style.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Runaway June Shares Festival Fashion Tips for Summer
Runaway June; Photo by Traci Goudi

Summertime means a few things, a couple of which include the hottest weather year-round and all the festivals one could ever ask for!

Runaway June will be running around the festival circuit a little bit, including a stop for the Country Lakeshake Festival in Chicago, and those three beauties know a thing or two on how to survive the music-filled weekends in style. Putting their fashion senses together and combining the elements of bohemian chic and retro glam, they lent some advice to Sounds Like Nashville to pass on to future festival-goers on how to look your best for the celebrations ahead.

“Festival fashion is something especially fun for us! All three of us have a unique style we like to bring to the stage, but we’re all hippies at heart,” the girls of the group said.

While Hannah Mulholland of the trio typically opts for a ‘70s-inspired ensemble complete with groovy flares and funky blouses, Jennifer Wayne always sparkles and Naomi Cooke rocks the sweet-meets-edgy look. Nevertheless, they unite their trendy minds and create the guidelines to follow for all those confident women on a mission to look cute for the ultimate music occasion.

Take a few tips from the ladies of Runaway June to make the most out of festival season and its fashion:

1)     Wear shorts! No matter how cute you look, it ain’t cute if you’re too HOT!

2)     Also wear comfy shoes so you can dance your heart out.

3)     Don’t bother curling your hair. Ponytails are A-OK.

4)     Make sure to bring a cute backpack to put your essentials in one place (water etc.)!

5)     Be comfy! No one wants to go home early because they’re uncomfortable!

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