Russell Dickerson: Style Profile

Russell Dickerson sets himself apart from the country crowd with his unique style, and is giving fans the inside scoop on his fashion.

Russell Dickerson: Style Profile
Russell Dickerson; Photo by Kailey Dickerson

Rather than sticking to the tradition boots, belts and bolo ties, Russell Dickerson used fashion as another source of artistic expression when his career began to blow up.

Although he’d prefer a skinny jean compared to a bootcut style, Dickerson appreciates all forms of personal style as long as it represents his creative personality. Always stretching past the country boundaries to achieve his own unique persona through his ensembles, the singer formed his own identity by leaving behind the Western norm and opting for more of a modern on-stage look.

The “Yours” singer puts a lot time and energy into his outfits, whether he sports some ripped jeans or fresh kicks for his go-to style. Sticking to his guns despite what outsiders may say in accordance to his country connection, Dickerson is mighty proud of his fashion choices and wanted to share with fans just how he gets the look every time.

Check out Russell Dickerson’s Style Profile below…

His closet essentials: “These jeans, like the acid wash, ripped, I love these. I wear these all the time. I would say this white … this is called Thread Co, it’s a custom-made shirt from a friend of mine. Sadly, they’re closed now. Rest in peace. But yeah, Thread Co, I wear like, this and this, and then I can pair anything with. I’m a shoe guy, too. So, I just got these, the Wheat Air Force Ones from Flight Club in New York City, my stylist got those for me. And I love these. I’m either like a boot style sneaker guy, or, like a sleek Chelsea boot. So, I’ve got a bunch of different colors of Chelsea boots too that I love. And so, I’ll just go back and forth between those, and yeah, for like awards shows, I do like no socks with the smoking loafer.”

His style icons: “I actually enjoy, this is going to sound really funny, but, like Quavo, in Migos, like aside from all like wearing 35 chains, like, whoever styles him I think is like right on point. Because, me too, a little over the top, you know what I mean, like a little over the top, but like, still cool and sleek and just right on. That and I’d say Pharrell, he gets a little weird sometimes. I can’t believe I would say Quavo. But I mean like, he’s got the swag.”

His favorite trend of all time: “Crocs. I know. But hey, that’s fashion. Fashion is artistic expression. Camo Crocs, actually. [laughs] Yeah, a good pair of Jordan’s, like, my first pair I remember like unhealthily cleaning and like worshiping this pair of shoes. Like, I would wear them, and then I would take them in and scrub the bottom of them. [Skinny jeans because] I made my mom sew a pair of girl jeans before they even made girl skinny jeans. They were like the flare, and I was like, ‘Mom, just flip these inside out and sew down the leg, and make them skinny.’ And like, they were so flared that I had to like tuck the extra.”

His go-to fashion advice: “My own fashion advice to myself is, I mean, like, just don’t be afraid to be funky and different and stand out, because that’s like what, like with designer stuff, it’s easy to like be fashion cool and like, “Okay cool, you have a Gucci jacket, so does 700 other people, probably 20,000 other people.” You know what I mean? But like, I’ll take stuff and like cut it and sew it and bleach it or whatever, just to make it my own. Yeah, just do you boo-boo. That’s my fashion advice to myself.”

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