Style Profile: Alyssa Micaela

Alyssa Micaela keeps her Texas girl spirit at heart as she always represents her great state with all of her style profile essentials.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Style Profile: Alyssa Micaela
Photo courtesy Alliance Media Relations

Alyssa Micaela keeps her Texas girl spirit at heart as she always represents her great state with all the fringe and cowboy boots a girl could ever hope for! She definitely sticks to her roots and her routines, no matter how crazy her life is getting to be. With a DIY fashion sense all her own and inspiration coming from a Disney character, Micaela’s style reflects her fun and bubbly personality.

Check out the ‘Getaway Car’ singer’s style profile with Sounds Like Nashville below:

On her beauty routine: “My skincare is really important to me. So I wake up in the morning, I wash my face, I moisturize. That’s No. 1. Hair wise, I don’t wash my hair that often, so I love dry shampoo. I’ll wash it one day and then I’ll curl it. Then I don’t really curl it again until I wash it again. So I just love dry shampoo. Kinda my best friend.”

Three beauty products she can’t live without: “I use CoverGirl mascara, the CoverGirl LashBlast. I’ve used it since high school and it’s my favorite thing. It’s so hard to use anything else. I love TRESemme hairspray. It’s another thing, like I won’t use anything else. And then Dove dry shampoo.”

On her closet staples: “Well if you walk in my closet, everything is fringe. I have so much fringe. It’s kind of crazy! People will see it and they’re like, ‘Oh my God.’ I wear a lot of fringe t-shirts because I like to cut up my t-shirts. So my closet is full of boots and t-shirts. When I buy t-shirts that I like, I end up just like fringing them. I pretty much never wear a shirt the way I bought it. A couple years ago, I thought it would be fun to fringe a t-shirt and it was a Willie Nelson shirt. I was like, ‘This will look really cool if I cut fringe on it.’ Then it just became a thing and I just started doing it to every shirt that I owned.”

Her style inspiration is: “Probably Pocahontas. I strive to look like Pocahontas all the time. I love it. I feel like it’s too easy [to dress up like her for Halloween]. I just go put on some fringe stuff I have in my closet because everything I have is very…it all looks that way.”

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