Style Profile: Kelleigh Bannen

Written by Lauren Jo Black
Style Profile: Kelleigh Bannen

EMI recording artist Kelleigh Bannen recently launched a new blog, This Nashville Life, where she dishes on all things about her “favorite city in the whole world,” as well as music business happenings, fashion, beauty, fitness, end much more. 

We’re excited to announce that the Music City Native will soon be guest-blogging on Sounds Like Nashville, so to celebrate, Bannen has completed our SLN Style Profile. Check it out below. 

On Her Daily Beauty Routine: On the road, Neutrogena face wipes are MY BEST FRIEND. So I usually start by removing any makeup with face wipes, then wash my face with a gentle cleanser (if I’m being really good) and then apply my Revision eye cream and moisturizer.

The Three Products She’s Can’t Live Without: Lip gloss, lip gloss, lip gloss. Does that count?! 

On Her Fashion Icon: Can I narrow it down to 4? Penny Lane, Karen Fairchild, Audrey Hepburn, and Kate Moss.

On Her Personal Fashion: Boho’s big city cousin…I’m a little edgy style-wise, I like to take risks, but I still want people to see me before they see my clothes.

The Best Beauty Advice She’s Ever Received: Use a good eye cream. 🙂

On Her Biggest Beauty Flub: Wearing a bright lipstick on stage. You can get away with it for a song or two, but if you have a real’s a bad idea.  Among girl singers we call this “microphone lips.” You can you have the most perfect, long-wearing, matte red lip, and try and go out there and perform more than a couple songs and something just happens! Between the heat form the lights, a little sweat, and pressing your lips right up against the microphone…the lip color just starts to move. I know this sounds so gross! By the time you get offstage your lipstick will have creeped outside the lines. Not cute!! Do a bold eye, but not bold lips on stage.

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