Style Profile: Kree Harrison

Kree Harrison lets Sounds Like Nashville in on all of her beauty and fashion secrets in her Style Profile.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Style Profile: Kree Harrison
Photo courtesy ThinkSwell

When asked about music, Kree Harrison could tell anybody a plethora of stories and experiences she’s had during her career. But once the question of style comes along, Harrison admits she is not always the right girl for the job.

Proved otherwise by her gorgeous outfits highlighted throughout her time on American Idol and time on stage, Harrison seems to have a hold on her style. The Texas native may underestimate herself, but she definitely knows her way around beauty and fashion.

Harrison told us a few of her fashion and beauty secrets for her everyday life. Check out her SLN Style Profile below:

Her daily beauty routine: “I don’t know! My mom always had the most beautiful skin and her secret was that she never slept in her makeup. Always take good care of my face.”

Beauty products she swears by: “Vaseline. My mom used to put it on her lips, on her cuticles…she just had all these good secrets. I love dry shampoo by Aveda. I love makeup. I like to look pretty, but I don’t like doing it myself. I eat a lot of pickles for my complexion.”

Her style icon: “Actually, Karen Fairchild, I would say. She always looks cool and she looks badass. My friend, Lucie Silvas, is literally a fashionista. She always looks cool. She’s like the size of my left leg, so it wouldn’t work [to steal her clothes]. I always try! We used to live together and I would try to steal everything.”

Any fashion or beauty mishap: “I don’t think so! Stay tuned. I probably will. Never had that…knock on wood. I have a show next week, so I’ll probably have my zipper down just because I said that. I embarrass myself as it is, so I don’t need something to add to it.”

Check out some of Harrison’s style and keep up with her through her website, Twitter and Instagram.