Style Profile: Tara Thompson

Tara Thompson is a self-proclaimed tomboy by nature, but she still loves herself a little beauty and fashion.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Style Profile: Tara Thompson
Photo Courtesy Big Machine Label Group

Tara Thompson is a self-proclaimed tomboy by nature, but she still loves herself a little beauty and fashion.

The native Tennessean sticks to what she likes when it comes to her closet and make-up bag, especially while she’s on the road for the CMT Next Women in Country Tour. Getting ready to release her debut album any time soon, Thompson let us in on her essentials and favorites.

Check out the “Someone To Take Your Place” singer’s SLN Style Profile below.

On Her Daily Beauty Routine: “I immediately plug in my curling iron because I have really long hair and I have to curl my hair. I usually do my makeup first and then I’ll curl my hair. It usually takes me two seconds to figure out what I’m going to wear ‘cause I’m like, ‘Ah, this will work. This matches.’ Usually if I have on jeans, they usually have some kind of rips in ‘em. I like my holy jeans, is what I like to call them. I usually have some sort of tank top. My favorite tank top that I have is my Willie Nelson tank top. I usually always have lots of jewelry on. I like rings and bracelets, and I always have some sort of necklace on. And always boots. I don’t wear heels. I always try to avoid heels. If I do, they’re like two inches. They don’t technically count. A little hint to my song…I don’t own a pair of high heels. That is a true statement.”

The Three Products She Can’t Live Without: “One thing: there’s a hair product called Oribe. Oh my God, it’s the best stuff ever! Especially if you have fine hair, it will jack your hair up to Jesus! For my shampoo, I always use Moroccan oil. I love Moroccan oil. And hairspray. I always use Big Sexy Hair. I love Big Sexy Hair spray. I just like to mix things up. I use different kinds of shampoo, all kinds of stuff. But those are my top three that I always have.”

Her Style Icon: “I’m like the worst person that comes to fashion. You know who I think always dresses kinda like me and is just kinda laidback is Jennifer Aniston. She’s real simple and plain and I like that. She’s the older version of me and she keeps it classy. I’m all about keepin’ it classy as well.”

Biggest Beauty or Fashion Mishap: “I did rip my pants once completely. I haven’t done red carpet yet, so luckily thank God that hasn’t happened. But I did completely rip my pants once. I was actually working at Tootsie’s when this happened. I had like caved my pants and it was really embarrassing ‘cause obviously it ripped right where it shouldn’t have. So I would say that one. Don’t rip your pants!”

Her Closet Staple: “There’s actually these boots that I’ve worn. I don’t really wear them anymore because I’ve literally worn them so much they have holes in the bottom of them. They’re technically on the shelf as a reminder of how much I love them. But they’re these Steve Madden boots. I call them my hillbilly boots. They’re actually the boots I have on in my single picture for “Someone to Take Your Place.” They’re in my music video as well. They’re these crazy brown boots that just look like, ‘Oh, she must be from the hills.’ I feel like people see when I have them on. But that’s my favorite thing.”

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