Brett Eldredge Encounters Bear in North Carolina

What would you do?

Brett Eldredge Encounters Bear in North Carolina
Brett Eldredge; Photo credit: Greg Noire

Brett Eldredge had a frightening surprise in Asheville, North Carolina recently. The country singer posted a video on social media showing a black bear attempting to rifle through the garbage at a home in which he was staying. The clip shows Eldredge and friends opening the door to the garage, seeing the bear, and then yelling at it to scare it away. After first ignoring Eldredge and others, the bear begins to back away towards the end of the video.

“Opened the garage door to go on a hike and had a new friend waiting to say hello,” wrote Eldredge alongside the video. He also posted the clip on his Instagram story, asking fans, “What would you do?”

Other than dealing with encounters from wild animals, Brett Eldredge has been busy prepping for his Good Day Tour, which kicks off September 16 in Cleveland, OH. He will be joined by opener Morgan Evans on the tour. In July, Eldredge shared a video of him and his band rehearsing “Drunk On Your Love” for the tour.

“Been rehearsing and getting ready for the GOOD DAY TOUR…what songs do ya wanna hear make the set list???” Eldredge asked fans.

Last week, Eldredge also shared a video of himself singing an upbeat new song called “Cinnamon.” He hinted that he may add the tune to his Good Day Tour set list.

“NEW SONG ‘Cinnamon’ jammin with this awesome band! Should we put it in the set for The Good Day Tour?!” wrote Eldredge.

The US leg of Eldredge’s Good Day Tour runs through November 6. He will then take the tour through Europe in May 2022.