Dierks Bentley, Riley Green and Parker McCollum Turn Down the Temperature on Beers On Me Tour

Dierks Bentley, Riley Green and Parker McCollum Turn Down the Temperature on Beers On Me Tour
Dierks Bentley; Photo Credit: Jim Wright + Riley Green; Photo Credit: Andrew Klatt + Parker McCollum; Photo credit: Tyler Conrad

Riley Green and Parker McCollum are joining Dierks Bentley on his Beers On Me Tour this summer and fall, and while the tour mates seem to be having fun on the road, Bentley talked them into doing a less-than-fun activity earlier this week. Bentley is well known for his penchant for taking ice baths before shows, so naturally, he involved Green and McCollum. A video posted by Bentley this week shows the three singers settling into garbage cans full of ice water.

Bentley, the expert, seems completely fine in his ice bath, but his young tour mates are struggling a bit more. The “Gone” singer even makes the activity worse for Green and McCollum by having crew members add more ice to the already-frigid waters. The post also features a photos of the singers after the ice bath — evidence that they all survived.

“Big tough guys but they sure did a lot of whimpering in the ice….

Anybody got some human growth hormones I can borrow? Maybe one of those t-shirts with muscles and a 6 pack airbrushed on it???!” Bentley wrote alongside the post, poking fun at his tour mates’ physiques.

McCollum commented on the post, writing, “What’s cooler than bein cool,” and Green commented as well, requesting that they try another tour activity next time. “let’s come up with some backstage activities that are a little less miserable,” wrote Green.

The three singers seem to be getting along and having fun with one another on the tour. Last week, Green posted photos of himself tubing on a river, and Bentley and McCollum shared their regret for missing that on-tour activity. “I was running up a mountain during this I gotta get my priorities in line,” wrote McCollum. “and I was playing pickle ball…wth,” replied Bentley.

The Beers On Me Tour will run through Oct. 22 and the singers will take it to San Diego, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Albuquerque, NM this weekend.