Thomas Rhett’s Kids Give Their Parents New Hairstyles

Thomas Rhett’s Kids Give Their Parents New Hairstyles
Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins; Photo Courtesy of Lauren Akins

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren have both gotten new hairstyles from their children this week, and Lauren’s new “look” ended with her reaching out to followers in a desperate, and humorous, plea for help. In a video she shared on Monday, Lauren showed a comb that became inextricably twisted and tangled after her eldest daughters were brushing her hair.

“When I was feeding the baby I let the older two brush my hair and they attempted to curl it, I didn’t realize this was what they were doing, and here we are,” she said in the video. “I’ve gotten it from the first knot to where it is now, but I’m stuck and I really don’t want to cut my hair. If any moms have any suggestions, let me hear them.” 

Lauren echoed her plea in the video’s caption, writing, “HELP. ME. Shout out to any moms who are on the struggle bus today. I’m right there with ya…I’ve tried to break the comb but it’s too bendy….I’d love to NOT have to cut my hair. any suggestions?”

On Tuesday, Lauren shared an update on the comb-in-hair situation, sharing that she was able to remove it with the help of her mother-in-law and friends. The solution included scissors, a box cutter, knives and a cutting board. She shared hilarious videos of the entire process on Instagram.

Days before Lauren’s comb predicament, Thomas Rhett also sat as a subject for his daughter’s hairstyling skills. While his hair session ended in a less dramatic fashion, it did include a brand new color: orange. 

“Willa gray really wanted to dye my hair orange today so….,” he wrote in the caption of the photo featuring his new orange hair. 

Thomas Rhett will return to touring on Saturday, February 5 in South Phoenix, AZ.