Bobby Bones and Fiancée Film ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’

He and Caitlin's episode will air sometime this year.

Written by Chris Parton
Bobby Bones and Fiancée Film ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’
Bobby Bones; Photo courtesy of National Geographic

Country radio and TV personality Bobby Bones will once again test his mettle against mother nature, appearing on National Geographic’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls for a second time. And he won’t be alone.

Returning to the show for its upcoming season, Bones will be joined by his fiancée Caitlin Parker, marking the first time a couple has appeared on the adventure show.

Starring survival expert Bear Grylls, the show finds celebrities pushing themselves to the limits in extreme locations all over the world, and Bones will be bringing some first hand experience with him. He appeared on the show last season for a highly-rated episode, and now says he knows a little bit about what to expect. But that’s not the case for his better half.

Making the announcement on The Bobby Bones Show last week (January 22), Bones and Grylls admitted that it will be a challenge for two people to make it through process — full of harsh weather, dangerous terrain and surprises in some of the most inhospitable locations on Earth. But the host says it will ultimately be a “relationship builder.”

“You’ve gotta work together under pressure, and it’s like a pressure cooker of marriage,” Grylls said in an interview with Bones. “But instead of close to 25 years for things to come out, it comes out in about 25 minutes.”

The couple filmed their episode over the weekend, and apparently made it back in one piece. Bones posted a short video to his Instagram Story as their flight was leaving the secretive filming location, which looked cold and mountainous.

“Finished Running Wild With Bear Grylls,” he wrote. “Craziest adventure ever. So proud of @caitcparker for doing it with me. Will let you know when it airs!”

As Bones noted, there’s no official word on when the episode will air, but he and Grylls expect it to be sometime in 2021. He and Parker were engaged in October of 2020.