Canaan Smith’s Nashville Favorites

Canaan Smith may be a Virginia native, but he's adopted the ways of Nashville and become a regular at some of the best joints around town.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Canaan Smith’s Nashville Favorites
Canaan Smith; Photo courtesy Mercury Nashville

Canaan Smith made his way south from Virginia to Tennessee after hitting the big time with nailing a cut from Love and Theft. Fast-forward a handful of years, and he’s on his way to releasing his second studio album later on this year.

Throughout his time since moving to Music City, he’s typically hitting the road to perform some of his big tracks like “We Got Us” and “Love You Like That.” Now with new music on the horizon for his fans, Smith can’t wait for his listeners to enjoy the progressive sound he’s going for on his forthcoming record. With “Like You That Way” leading the pack for what’s to come, supporters of Smith can only look toward the good vibes that the country singer plans to put out in the near future.

When he’s not hustlin’ and bustlin’ through the tour life, Smith enjoys his time in Nashville with his wife going to all the local joints around town for great grub and fun times. From fancy cocktails to newfound superfood trends, Smith is into trying it all and enjoys soaking in the relaxation moments in his adopted hometown.

Check out some of Smith’s favorite spots to hit up around the city in a quick round of Nashville Favorites:

M. L. Rose: “M.L. Rose on Franklin Pike is one of my favorite neighborhood bars because they have an arcade basketball machine in the back and I shoot the lights out of it. I like that.”

2535 8th Ave S #107 /

Patterson House: “We like Patterson House for boujee drinks.”

1711 Division St /

Edley’s Bar-B-Que: “I’m not a huge barbecue fan because we get it so much on the road. It’s kind of like oversaturated for a while. But now I’m back in my summer barbecue mode and Edley’s is my favorite to do for that.”

2706 12th Ave S /

Franklin Juice Co.: “There’s a new place called Franklin Juice Company in 12th South that has this thing called acai bowls. That’s, like, rocking my world right now. Sounds so California hippie, but it’s so, so good. It tastes like dessert, but it’s also really good for you. So I’ve been hitting up that place a lot.”

2301 12th Ave S /

Robert’s Western World: “As far as downtown clubs, Robert’s is always gonna be my favorite. It’s the spot you can go here for really damn good musicians and it feels like a departure from the bachelorette scene going on downtown on nine days out of ten. It’s more of just a going in and being able to check out some real good music without being thrown up on. I like that.”

416 Broadway B /

Smith’s latest single, “Like You That Way,” is out now.