Caroline Bryan Pranks Luke Bryan and More In Annual ‘Pranksmas’ Videos

Caroline Bryan Pranks Luke Bryan and More In Annual ‘Pranksmas’ Videos
Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline; Photo via @linabryan3 on Instagram

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline is ushering in the Christmas season with her annual “Pranksmas” videos, in which she hilariously pranks unsuspecting friends and family. In her first pranksmas video of the year, Caroline pretended to do an Instagram live video with her mother-in-law and Luke’s mother, LeClaire Bryan. Caroline spent the video making false statements about LeClaire, causing her mother-in-law to get a little upset before Caroline shared that it was a prank. 

“@leclaire.bryan always loves to do an Instagram live with me. So…I just decided to have a little fun with her and have a fake one!” wrote Caroline. “I was being a mean little terd to her! She got pretty angry!! Don’t poke the bear!! Merry Pranksmas everyone! Here we gooo.” 

In her second installment of pranksmas, Caroline, her niece Jordan and LeClaire pranked Jordan’s wedding planner, Hugh. In the video, Caroline and Jordan mention a fake brooch that was allegedly given to the wedding planner. While he plays it cool in front of his clients, Hugh admits to the camera that he was never given a brooch. LeClaire then plays a joke on him by putting out a cigarette right on the table cloth of one of the tables. 

“We waited months to prank our hilarious friend/wedding planner @hughhowser .. what better time to do it than right before @jordanceudy wedding?” wrote Caroline. “From losing a fake broach/brooch and cigarette burns on his beloved table linens….he was a good sport! We love you Hugh!” 

For her latest pranksmas video, Caroline scared Luke Bryan and friends by playing the sound of a screeching car near them. 

“PRANKSMAS DAY 3: Screeching Tires. They never saw it coming!!!” she wrote. 

In addition to pranking people, Caroline and Luke celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary earlier this month. Caroline posted a photo of the two of them in front of a Christmas tree on December 10, writing, “Got to see him for 5 seconds again…long, but fun week of opposite schedules! We will celebrate our 15th anniversary tomorrow. Love you!” 

Caroline also addressed her “haters” in a humorous video posted to social media last week.