Carrie Underwood Says Goodbye to Dog, Ace

Carrie Underwood Says Goodbye to Dog, Ace
Carrie Underwood; Photo credit: Anne Marie Fox

Carrie Underwood is mourning the loss of her dog, Ace. The singer posted on social media on Monday morning (4/4), sharing that Ace had passed away Sunday evening. Underwood posted photos of the sweet pup and wrote a heartfelt caption about her late friend, saying he will “forever live on in our hearts.” 

“Last night my sweet Ace left this world…he will forever live on in our hearts and be forever missed,” she writes. “He was there for me when I was on my own trying to figure out life when it was at its craziest! He was with me through 3 houses, 6 tours and 2 kids…always ready to snuggle and play…through all the highs and lows. He was a true friend and a good boy till the very end. I love you, sweet Ace…see you on the other side…” 

In late March, Underwood shared an update about the 16-year-old dog with Amazon Music’s Kelly Sutton on the Country Heat Weekly podcast. She admitted his health was on the decline, but he was “still kicking.”

“He’s 16 years old, he wears diapers, I don’t think he can see or hear, but he’s still around,” she said. 

Underwood has shared many moments from Ace’s life over the years. In 2016, the pup was injured with a herniated disc and had to undergo physical therapy to get back in shape. The singer shared a video of Ace doing his physical therapy in 2017. 

“Ace update: His physical therapy is really helping…he gets a little better every day,” she wrote at the time. “I even have to stop him from trying to play with his sister…he’ll be back in action in no time! Thanks for all the concern and well wishes!” 

Underwood was in Las Vegas the night of Ace’s passing, where she performed on the 2022 Grammy Awards and accepted the award for Best Roots Gospel Album.