Country Stars Share Their Halloween Tricks and Treats

Whether they be planning the perfect costume or consuming way too many fun-sized candies, country artists are just like us when it comes to their favorite things about Halloween.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Country Stars Share Their Halloween Tricks and Treats
Photo via Instagram

Even some of the biggest country stars like to enjoy a haunting good time when the ghosts and goblins come out to play on the night of All Hallow’s Eve. Getting into the spooky spirit, many people are spilling their guts when it comes to their trick-or-treat traditions that they stick to for this fall holiday.

Whether they be planning the perfect costume to land on the Halloween Best Dressed List or consuming way too many fun-sized candies as the children come a-knockin’ that night, country artists are just like us when it comes to their favorite things about Halloween.

As a father, Justin Moore focuses on the fun for his precious little girls, who get all dolled up to go door-to-door in hopes of graciously getting all of their favorite sweets. While he admits to not being one for a costume, he still gets into the spirit for the sake of his daughters.

“You know, I’m really not the type that dresses up too much or enjoys dressing up for Halloween. I’ve gotten into it a little more with the kids. I don’t dress up too hardcore at home, much less at a show,” he said recently.

Thomas Rhett, on the other hand, is all about becoming a new person with the help of a costume. He finds it a silly, romantic way to impress his wife ever since they tied the knot a few years ago.“My wife loves holidays,” said Rhett. “Christmas is her favorite and Halloween is probably right behind it. So we always decorate our house with carved pumpkins every year and watch Nightmare Before Christmas. We always try to pick a funny couples outfit to wear. At least we have since we’ve been married, so hopefully we never break that tradition because it’s fun.”

Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line takes a note from Rhett’s book by enjoying the whole dress-up scenario, and still remembers one of his favorite looks that he emulated with a friend of his. Well, now he remembers, even if he didn’t know exactly who he dressed up as at the time.

“The best one I ever did was Garth and Wayne from ‘Wayne’s World’.  Me and my buddy Eric Diaz. We did that. And I was—I’m getting them mixed up—I was the blonde with the long hair. I was Garth. Yeah, we went to a couple of parties and I had drumsticks and he had a guitar and it was actually pretty solid,” Kelley joked.

Dierks Bentley took a different approach to the traditionally costumed holiday by adding in some illegal fireworks to the mix, which left the night with a spark (if you pardon the pun).

“Oh, when I was a kid, I was all into fireworks. Growing up in Arizona, we couldn’t get ’em, so we’d have ’em shipped in illegally. I still remember the name of the guy we’d call. His name was Joe, and he’d bring in, ship ’em in a package with no writing on ’em. We were all about M-80s in the mailboxes and bottle rocket wars. To me, as a kid, Halloween was fireworks, was blowing up stuff around home,” he said.

Making things a little more inquisitive for the night, Luke Bryan likes to analyze the connection between the candy received and the people who give out the best treats on the block.

“You can find out a lot about your neighbors by what kind of candy they put out. So, well, like full bars of Snickers bars, that’s what, and Reese’s cups, [but] the old chocolate popcorn ball of stuff, that’s no good either, like Dots – you get Dots one time of year and they pull your teeth,” said Bryan.

Some of the best Halloween moments, though, go to the guys of Rascal Flatts as they make it an annual requirement for their group to create some sort of theme to evolve into for the scary night. While it seems to always be a surprise to the trio, it keeps the night mysterious and fun all the while.

“We actually have a tradition as a band, that all of our band guys, the closest show to Halloween they all dress up, and it’s themed every single year,” explained Jay DeMarcus of the band.

Happy Halloween to all!