Easton Corbin Digs in on Texas BBQ for ‘Easton Eats’

Corbin tastes a handful of meats from cheddar jalapeño sausage to famous Texas marbled brisket.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Easton Corbin Digs in on Texas BBQ for ‘Easton Eats’
Easton Corbin; Photo via Instagram

The great state of Texas is known for a lot of things, from its size to its warm hospitality. But one area the Lonestar State does best is barbecue.

Easton Corbin took a pit stop before performing a show at the well-known honkytonk, Billy Bob’s, to drop in on the town of Fort Worth, Texas, for a bit of finger-lickin’ barbecue like none other. The country star’s tastebuds took him to one of his favorite stops in the area called Cooper’s BBQ to try out all of the meats and pickins that the iconic establishment cooks up on a daily basis.

With a platter full of savory samples to taste during the meal, Corbin readied himself for a prime selection during his Easton Eats visit. Corbin even added a small side of potato salad, pinto beans and the classic Southern beverage of sweet tea to the mix for the authentic experience.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Texas barbecue without chowing down on the most popular cut of beef in the state: brisket.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, man. In Texas, barbecue is a big thing and I love Texas barbecue, especially their brisket. They’re especially known for that and I love marbled brisket. And marbled means it’s got a little fat on it, it’s not as lean. But that definitely, to me, that gives it a lot more flavor. Even though it’s not quite as healthy, that’s ok every once in a while,” Corbin advises.

The country artist plows his way through the plate, taking bites of cheddar jalapeño sausage and saucy beef ribs along the way. But he, nonetheless, looks satisfied after every piece.

Corbin has a couple more performances lined up before the end of the year, and fans can find information about those dates on his website.