Eric Paslay’s Nashville Favorites

Eric Paslay let Sounds Like Nashville in on his five favorite hangouts around Music City.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Eric Paslay’s Nashville Favorites
Photo credit: Joseph Llanes

For Eric Paslay, Nashville nights out don’t always have to have that “High Class” vibe to them. If he’s honest, he likes to hang around the places in town that treat him like a friend and that make him feel welcome every time he goes for a visit.

Although Paslay has been spending a lot of time preparing for the release of his sophomore album, Dressed in Black, and playing shows on the road in support of his latest single, “Angels In This Town,” he does have his few favorite places he keeps going back to whenever he’s free in Music City.

Here are Eric Paslay’s Nashville Favorites…

McNamara’s Irish Pub: “McNamara’s Irish Pub over in Donelson. The family that owns it are just awesome great people. There’s straight Irish music through the week and you walk in and you feel a part of the family. And great food always. Just great memories and vibes there. I just love it. It’s not just ‘cause I’m Irish, but because it’s good people and everyone’s just happy to be there.”

2740 Old Lebanon Rd /

Lockeland Table: “Love Lockeland Table over in East Nashville. Good food, great vibes. It’s a little expensive, but for special occasions.”

1520 Woodland St /

Bluebird Café: “It seems cliché to say the Bluebird, but it’s such a special place. I think all artists and writers remember their first time playing there and just the cool stories that happen there. The only story that was like, ‘Holy crap! This is like a movie,’ was Steven Tyler heard ‘Love is Your Name,’ a song he recorded that Lindsey Lee and I wrote together. He heard her singing it in the Bluebird and ended up recording the song. It was like, ‘Really?’ But I remember always standing in line and hoping I could get a seat in one of the pews every night because I was a college kid and a bachelor and I would never call ahead to get a reservation. So I just figured I’ll just go sit at the bar or pew at the show and get to hear whoever is playing that night. Get to learn something.”

4104 Hillsboro Pike /

Ryman Auditorium: “I mean, historically the Ryman Auditorium. You know I think everyone should go see that. It’s not only the most famous place where the Opry started. The Opry actually started at the War Memorial, which is an amazing room also that a lot of people don’t know about. But it’s just a special room and I mean it’s an old church so the church of country music. It’s really good vibes in there. It’s always, I think, the dream of every country artist to get to play at the Ryman Auditorium and I’m grateful I’ve gotten to play it a handful of times.”

116 5th Ave N /

Preservation Station: “Preservation Station. I love that store. It’s like architectural salvage. It’s not cheap because it’s so original. I mean it’s like the stuff people had to take the time to make sure someone didn’t tear it down. I think right now they’re tearing down so much stuff in Nashville, I like seeing that something was saved. Old stained-glass windows or old doors or cool light fixtures and old Morris locks and doors. I love doing that. My wife and I redid her house in East Nashville—I guess our house in East Nashville now—I kinda went across the country and a lot of doors and windows actually came from Preservation Station, but I always search for the old doors and everything. The house and its state, it was in bad shape, but it also didn’t have anything original to the old house, so I just wanted to make sure the ghost of the original house from the 20s got brought back a little bit. But I spend a lot of time in Preservation Station. It’s over on 8th Avenue like right by Wedgewood. It’s pricey, but all that stuff is usually.”

1809 8th Ave S /

Fans can keep up with Paslay on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. “Angels In This Town” is available for purchase HERE.