Tone Up with Nashville’s Go-To Celeb Trainer Erin Oprea

Erin Oprea has scultped the likes of Kelsea Ballerini, Carrie Underwood and Maren Morris...and now she wants to get you in celeb shape, too.

Written by Lara Rosenbaum
Tone Up with Nashville’s Go-To Celeb Trainer Erin Oprea
Erin Oprea, photo by Ryan Sims

Get within ten feet of celeb personal trainer Erin Oprea and you may just find yourself dancing—or at least inspired by the Nashville resident’s fitness and nutrition know-how. Oprea’s energy is infectious in all the best ways, which is partly why she’s become one of the most sought-after trainers in the country. Her client roster includes Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd, Kelsea Ballerini and countless others seeking a reliable way to get and stay fit.

Yet even though Oprea would advise to ‘not take yourself too seriously,’ she’s no stranger to hard work. She served two tours as a marine in Iraq and led the first female platoon in a war zone. And once she returned to Nashville, she got to work pursuing her dream of becoming a trainer. “I always knew I wanted to be a trainer,” Oprea says. “It’s all I wanted to do. And working with celebs was never my angle. That just kind of happened through word of mouth.”

It was client Aubrie Sellers’ word, to be exact. Then LeAnn Womack’s. But Oprea is quick to point out that celebs are “just people like everyone else,” and that she wishes to help everyone feel healthy and strong. In fact, Oprea recently launched a live virtual workout program which anyone can join, and–get this–receive personalized feedback from Erin or one of her trainers. “My trainers and I watch to ensure everyone has correct form,” she says. “Perfect form is everything.”

Oprea also recently published the paperback version of her uber-popular book The 4 x 4 Diet, in which she shares her easy-to-follow methods and nutrition tips to simplify fitness and feel better overall.

“It’s not about feeling deprived,” she says. “I’m not about cutting carbs out. Not about cutting alcohol out. I’m about moderation and lifestyle.”

And her A-list fans’ results can attest to that lifestyle. If you want in, visit Oprea online, and expect to work your booty off. “You can do anything,” she says. “And if you don’t have equipment, that’s OK! And if you have equipment great, let’s play with it.”

“All of who I am comes from my marine corps background,” Oprea continues, referring to her health and fitness philosophy. “I believe the whole world is your gym. You can train anywhere.” And you can also enjoy life and dance. “Our bodies are made to move, and the more you move, the better you feel. So get moving!”

Here are two key ways to enhance your life, Oprea style.

Get Down with Beets

Erin Oprea loves beet juice—and she drinks it daily. “It’s my liquid gold in the morning and before I work out every day,” she says. Oprea recommends downing two 3 oz shots daily for a dose of energy and a host of antioxidants. Blend and store the following in glass jars: 2 bundles of raw beets, 3 lemons, 2 inches of ginger for an easy to grab go-t0.

Squat Into a Lunge Anywhere

Oprea likes to mix up her moves to keep the muscles (and mind) guessing, but she does have a favorite. You, too, can do this move anywhere, and it does wonders to strengthen your core. “Squatting into a lunge can make your booty burn like nothing else,” Oprea says. To do it, perform a squat on your left leg with your right toes just touching, and then rise half way up. Step the right foot back into a full lunge, and then rise to bring the toes to touch again. “Stay low, tap and back,” Oprea says. Repeat 10 to 20 times before switching sides.