Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea Gives Five Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle

Her biggest rules? Drink lots of water and always get those 10,000 steps in!

Written by Kelly Brickey
Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea Gives Five Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle
Erin Oprea; Photo credit: Zach Harrison

When country stars like Carrie Underwood and Kelsea Ballerini need to rejuvenate their health and fitness routines in order to prepare for big events or life on the road, they turn to none other than celebrity trainer Erin Oprea.

The former U.S. Marine made physical well-being her first priority after trading the troops to fulfill fitness goals for herself and others. The tips she utilizes on a daily basis in her own life, as well as her clients’ lifestyles, revolutionize athleticism and strength in both the physical and mental states. Oprea rejuvenates every one of her clients thanks to her simple routine that anyone can follow as long as they find the determination.

“Eat clean to get lean. Work out to get healthy. I really believe that those are the best ways to get healthy and stay healthy for your whole life. I say it all the time. I live it. And I encourage all my of friends and family to live it as well,” Oprea said to Sounds Like Nashville recently. “One of the best parts of sharing my passion for health and fitness with others is hearing their successes. I love hearing that they feel stronger, that their health is better and that they are getting closer to their goals. That is super exciting for me!”

Check out just five of the helpful tips that Oprea suggests to get on the right path to wellness:

  1. Cut out carbs after 4 PM (Recipe for spaghetti squash, a pasta alternative, here)
  2. Limit alcohol intake – I enjoy a good glass of wine but I am careful not to overindulge. Alcohol is empty calories and the drinks add up quickly. When going to parties, I make sure to drink at least one glass of water between every drink that contains alcohol.
  3. MOVE! – Aim to walk 10,000 steps every day. It’s easy to underestimate the value of just a good walk. And it’s even better if you spread that movement over the whole day!
  4. Read labels to limit sugar and salt – Sugar gives you energy and you need a certain amount of it. The problem is that most products have hidden added sugar and you end up eating more than you thought you were. The same is true with salt. You need a certain amount every day, but lots of foods have added salt that you might not know is there.
  5. Hydrate – Our bodies are made mostly of water and they need a lot of water to operate correctly. We need to replace that water so that our bodies have what they need. I advise my friends and clients to drink half their body weight in ounces of water every day.

Stay in touch with Oprea’s health and fitness lifestyle by picking up a copy of her book, The 4×4 Diet.